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Broken Brights by Angus Stone


    Thought via Path

    Saat manusia salah kaprah dalam memahami maksud dan isi kitab. Akan ada keyakinan-keyakinan baru yang berkembang. #wellsaid – Read on Path.


    Thought via Path

    No Friday night, no Saturday, and no afternoon relaxation. I wish there’s enough morning and night to have you beside me.

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    Thought via Path

    When the only thing I remember is waking up in the morning with you every weekends. Do you ?

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    Listening to The Loneliness by Babyface

    So tell me how you feel, is it for real? – Preview it on Path.


    Listening to Hush by Miss A

    Kiss, kiss, kiss baby.. ( ˘ ³˘)♥ – Preview it on Path.


    Thought via Path

    With the highest highs,
    And the lowest lows,
    You hurt me right,
    But you do it nice.


    My best mistake,
    My sweet affliction.

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    Thought via Path

    What I started from yesterday:
    - Begadang sampe jam 03.00.
    - Minum kopiko78 tiap pagi.
    - Pulang ngantor langsung kuliah.
    - Pulang kuliah sampe rumah udah jam 22.30
    Dan akan terus berlanjut sampai 10 hari kedepan, karena ada quiz-tugas-UTS.
    **Semoga gak brain damage**

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    Listening to Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha) by Cash Cash

    I’m falling to pieces, but I need this, yeah I need this. You’re my fall, my weakness. Oh when did you turn so cold? – Preview it on Path.

  9.   Afternoon snack: Mashed Potato with Black Paper. #instapic #instaphoto #food #fooporn #diet #menu #afternoon #snack

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    Afternoon snack: Mashed Potato with Black Paper. #instapic #instaphoto #food #fooporn #diet #menu #afternoon #snack


    Thought via Path

    Well, am a kid who get bored with a toy and gave it to another kid, but when I see them get along so well, I get jealous. Oh damn.

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